Who ya gonna call?

Chances are if you shout that to a room full of people, most will yell back, “Ghostbusters!” – even if they’ve never watched the films.

As far as one-liners go, this one hits the spot. It’s quick. It’s clear. It’s memorable. And it encapsulates a message.

And this is precisely what your business needs.

Do you get tongue-tied when asked what your company does? Or is there just so much that goes into the answer that you lose your audience from the word go?

We work using StoryBrand – one of the world’s most successful marketing frameworks – to clarify your message and grow your business.

Here are three steps to help you StoryBrand your business and create a concise, compelling message to get people interested in what you can do for them.

Identify the problem.

You might think that the appropriate response to the question “What does your company do?” would be one that’s all about you. But the trick to piquing interest is to make the reply all about your customers.

Know who your customer is and what they need. Be specific and concise about the pain point you’re eliminating for them.

A ride-pooling taxi service in Malta might say:

“Commuters in Malta can’t afford to take taxis everywhere, but they also can’t rely on public transport. So, they end up driving themselves about and getting stuck in traffic, which feels like a waste of time.”

Here, we’ve identified the target customer. We’ve hit their pain point. And we’ve also been specific and relatable.

Solve the problem.

Then take the pain away. Show how your solution is unique – something that’s never been done the way you do it.

“We bring you a ride-pooling service. You book your ride and then share the vehicle with other travellers whose destinations are along the same route as yours.”

Here, we’ve taken the pain away by presenting a solution that requires minimal effort from your customers.

Enhance your customer’s life.

Now that you’ve resolved their pain point, what does your customer’s life look like? This is where you get to describe what’s possible when their pain goes away.

With your commute handled, you can now answer emails, take calls or even make dinner reservations. See your stress transformed into productivity.”

Here, you can show what life looks like when customers use your service.

The key takeaway

Keep your customer up front and centre in your message. If you can’t immediately show what’s in it for them, you’ll have lost them before even getting started. So, take them on a journey and show how great life could be with you guiding the way.

For more information on how the StoryBrand Framework could revitalise your PR and marketing strategy, drop us a line. We are StoryBrand-certified and here to help!