To generate results from an email campaign, you need the right knowledge and tools. We’re breaking down an email marketing sequence to give you just that.

If you’re new here, we recommend first reading about why your business needs email marketing and how to write your first email in a campaign.

Because now that your campaign is going full steam ahead, it’s time for that second email.

Present a problem and give a solution

In your second email, you:

  1. Identify your customer’s problem and empathise.
  2. Present your product or service as the answer.

What is the pain point your customer is experiencing? What is keeping him or her from generating improved results? And how will you help?

Think back to the first email in our model campaign, which aims to promote our blog-writing services. In that first email, we delivered a free resource to provide immediate value to the client. In our case, it was a free blog post template.

Now, in our second email, we:

– Start by pinpointing our customer’s problem (their message is confusing, losing the company readership and, ultimately, money).

– Then introduce our instant solution (a webinar on clear messaging).

– And, lastly, show what the customer stands to gain.

Hey there!

What matters most to you: the quantity or quality of your blog posts?

You’ve already downloaded our blog post template, so you know the importance of impactful content. Why? Because that’s how you can get your message across to an engaged, loyal readership – and, ultimately, paying customers.

If your written content doesn’t convey a clear message, you’re wasting time and money. No one has the spare minutes to decipher what you’re saying or how you can help them.

Think about when someone’s speaking to you and you’re there thinking, “Get to the point!” A blog post with an unclear message has the same effect. But while you might be polite and not turn your back on an insistent salesperson, your readers will immediately close their browser to switch you off.

Worse still, they’ll turn to your competitor whose message is less ambiguous.

If you need help with crafting your blog, WMA’s “Get To The Point!” Webinar is just the ticket. We’ll help you dial into exactly what you want to say, leaving you with a clear, compelling message that boosts your bottom line.

Together, we’ll understand your audience’s needs and segment your readers so you can tailor your content to encourage engagement. You’ll see more traffic, generate more leads and convert leads into customers.

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The WMA Team

Your key takeaway

At the end of your second email, the following three questions can be answered quickly:

  1. What is the issue your customer is facing?
  2. What’s your solution?
  3. What’s the benefit to the customer?

Be direct and specific.

Identifying a customer’s wants and needs is crucial to clear and engaging content. If you need help figuring out what people are seeking from your blog, get in touch for a consultation. Understanding people is what we do!