It’s time to set sail on your email marketing sequence. This is your opportunity to take your customers on a journey, guiding them towards resolving their pain points.

If you’re prepared for this next step, then you’ve already:

(1) established what your email marketing campaign will achieve,

(2) determined what your customers need and

(3) clearly defined a strategic message to engage your audience.

Now’s the time for your first email. This is where things get exciting.

Trigger an email marketing sequence

In your first email, deliver an immediate benefit that will hook your clientele. This means that before you approach any talk of selling your product or service, give your customers something for free that is also of value to them.

Let’s imagine you run a content agency. You’ve decided to focus your email marketing campaign on blog posts. Your end goal is to convert your potential customers into clients who pay for your blog-writing services. Your email marketing campaign is therefore all about positioning yourself as a blog-writing expert.

To kick off, you’ve decided to engage your customers by giving away a free blog post template. They can download the template from your website. All they need to do is insert their email address and click ‘Send my free blog post template now!’

Thank your customer and deliver their free resource

Keep your first email short, attach the free asset and thank your recipient for requesting the blog post template.

If you deliver on your promise without sneaking in sales talk or communication overload, you’ll nudge your audience towards trusting you as their guide.

In other words, your first email is not the place to bombard your customers with information that they have not requested. A simple ‘thank you’ email that radiates positivity will suffice.

Hey there!

Thanks for requesting WMA’s blog post template. We’re so glad you’re taking the first step towards making your blog work for you.

 To get going, simply open the attachment and put the template to good use.

 Our guess is you requested the blog post template for one of three reasons:

1 You’ve just created your blog and have no idea where to begin when it comes to writing.

2 Your blog has been around for a while but is feeling outdated or experiencing low readership and audience engagement.

3 You’re just looking for some inspiration!

 Whatever brought you here, congrats on getting yourself one step closer to establishing a clear voice and powerful message that will get your audience to act.

Happy blogging!

The WMA Team

The key takeaway

Your first email sets the tone for the entire sequence, so don’t rush it. Take the time you need to get it right.

Make every word benefit your clients: be positive, acknowledge their problem and show that the solution is at their fingertips.

Crucially, remember that this is not the place to oversell yourself.

If you’re wondering whether email marketing is for you, get in touch with the WMA team today to find out more. We’re happy to help!