Strategy is the key to success. And when it comes to public relations, a tailored strategy is even more crucial.

There’s no need for you to change your services or products to cause a positive stir. What you need is a plan – one that customises cutting-edge PR techniques to your requirements.

So, how can you make your PR really work for you? Here are three basics that can kickstart your game-changing PR strategy.

Know your audience

Your products and services are for your audience and not for you. And the same can be said of any marketing content you create. If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, your PR strategy will fall short of success.

The question is, do you really understand who your audience is? Many companies create a PR and marketing strategy with little research into their core demographic.

Your PR strategy should be bolstered by research into exactly whom you’re targeting. Don’t copy a previous PR plan and assume it will work. Even if, for example, you’re organising an event repeated annually, your market, clients and news cycle will have evolved.

Analysis is vital. With a better idea of your audience, you can customise your PR strategy effectively. Why? Because by understanding your audience’s needs, you can show them exactly how your brand will work for them.

Know your story

Brands are scrutinised. We live in a world of informed consumers – people who read reviews, watch tutorials and base their first impressions on star ratings. This means that your PR and marketing cannot deliver empty promises – because they will come back to haunt you.

Know who you are, what you deliver and why you deliver it. Without a thorough understanding of your company, you can’t expect clients to fill in the blanks. Your PR strategy may ‘work’ by leading to clients lining up outside the door (Great!) – but what happens when you can’t deliver what your PR and marketing have promised?

Don’t let your clients assume what you can do for them, tell them. And be clear, precise and confident about it. Take the time to mull this over and embed it in your company culture. In the end, it’s this sincerity that will make you appealing to the public.

Say more with fewer words

We’re all rushed off our feet with hardly any time for lunch. If you can’t capture someone’s attention and quickly tell them what they need to know, you’ve lost them.

In all your PR and marketing, use words wisely. As much as possible, communicate through visuals – don’t tell, show. Then, use words for reinforcement. And choose words that have specific meanings so that you communicate your message vividly and effectively.

The key takeaway

A successful PR strategy doesn’t result from a one-size-fits-all approach. It has to work for your audience as much as it works for you. So, keep your approach flexible and be open to shifting tactics and adapting your messaging. Learn what resonates with your audience and allow them to lead the way.


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