Creating an engaging call to action for your PR and marketing campaigns is a valuable skill.

But first things first – what is a call to action?

Your call to action is the part of your website, advertisement, article, blog post and other marketing material that gives your customers a direct instruction. This is where you tell them what they should do immediately.

Buy now!

Looking for a new air conditioner to beat the summer heat? Get a quote today.

Call us on 12345678 for more information.

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Calls to action come in varying lengths and styles, but the best ones have a few things in common. Next time you craft a call to action, ask yourself these two key questions to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Is your call to action clear and simple?

Whether they’re on your website or reading your latest product brochure, your customers are looking for information that is easy to understand, credible and relevant.

Remember that customers are on a journey. They’re doing research, scrolling through your competitors and looking for a clear solution. The likelihood is that the company with the clearest and most easy-to-follow message will come out on top.

If your restaurant has just released its latest seasonal menu, a call to action like…

Our latest menu is available.

…will lead to far fewer click-throughs than…

Download our refreshing summer menu today!

Be clear, concise and evocative. In just a few words, tell your customers exactly what they should do.

Have you used a strong command verb?

You want your customers to do something, so make it obvious.

If they’re shopping, tell them to buy. If they’re after information, tell them to click or download. If they’re looking for prices, tell them to ask for a quote.

Using strong command verbs presents your customers with a clear path to follow. A trick here is to research your competitors’ calls to action. What words do they use? Make yours better.

Here are some strong command verbs you may find handy:

advance, apply, begin, buy, call, check out, comment, connect, contact, discover, download, email, fill out, find out, follow, get, get in touch, join, jump start, kick start, like, order, purchase, request, share, shop, solve, start, step up, step in, subscribe, test, tour, try, tweet, update, upgrade, visit, vote

Bonus tip: Create a sense of urgency

Get your customers to take action today rather than tomorrow. Here are some examples:

Act now!

Buy and save today!

Buy before the offer ends!

Contact us for immediate results.

Don’t forget to subscribe for our latest offers.

Are you looking to hire a car in Malta? Click for an instant quote.

Get a quote for free today.

Hurry before the offer ends!

Now’s the time to get your summer membership – join for free today!

Making these small changes will lead to big results. Take the time to get your call to action right. With a superior call to action, you’ll transform potential customers into long-term clients.

We craft effective calls to action as frequently as drinking cups of tea. If you’d like us to do the same for you, get in touch!