Great communication is crucial for any company – and a great website based on a solid wireframe is integral to that. But where do you begin? And who should be the person planning it? 

Developer, designer, or copywriter?

When kickstarting a website redesign, entrepreneurs often look for great developers and designers. And we get it. A sleek design attracts potential customers, and a smooth-running website is important. But when looking at what will actually make people buy your product, it comes down to what they have heard or read about it. It is the words they read that make people want to buy things.

StoryBrand – why storytelling is so important

Donald Miller, founder of the world-famous communications framework StoryBrand, emphasises the importance of storytelling across every part of your marketing. He knows how expensive marketing can be, and he also knows how to make it effective and cost-effective. 

The human brain functions to survive and thrive, while at the same time conserving calories. So if a message doesn’t directly provide the reader with information that helps them survive and thrive, the brain switches off in order to preserve calories.

What does this mean? Put simply, your communication should be directly linked to helping customers get something they need or want. It has to be clear and simple. If you clarify your message, customers will listen. The clearest communicator will win – if you confuse, you lose.


Wireframe your website

This also means that it is the best communicator who should be planning your website. The developer and designer bring a lot to the table, but at the end of the day it is the copywriter that writes the words that will sell your product. In the long term, the thing that will stick with people most is the clear message and the story that comes with it. And that is what will help you sell more.

At WriteMeAnything, great writers are on hand to write content for your website and plan your PR. We create clear messages and content that gets read, so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.

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